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Family law issues are some of the most difficult and complicated legal issues you can face. If you are involved in a family law case in Illinois, you need to consult experienced family law attorneys.

About Family Law Cases in Illinois

Family law cases in Illinois typically arise when a couple or family is dealing with one of the following issues:

  • Divorce – Divorce cases occur when one or both spouses decide that the marriage should not continue. In a divorce case, several issues must be settled, including division of property and debts, child custody, child support and spousal support.
  • Child Custody – Child custody orders are typically required when a child’s parents don’t reside in the same home. These arrangements are made based on the best interests of the children.
  • Child Support – The state of Illinois typically requires a child’s noncustodial parent to make regular child support payments to the child’s custodial parent. The amount of these payments depends on the income of the parents, as well as other factors.
  • Adoption – Adoption cases arise when an individual or couple seeks to add a child to their family. The child may be a biological relative or a non-relative.
  • Paternity – When the identity of a child’s family is not yet established under Illinois law, paternity proceedings are typically required. Once paternity is established, child custody, visitation and support can also be arranged.
  • Modifications – When circumstances change, either party involved in a child custody, child support or spousal support arrangement can request a modification.
  • Father’s Rights – I have worked hard to obtain father’s all the rights they deserve under the law. I believe father’s can provide proper care for their children as well as the average mother and fight to achieve a level playing field for fathers with regards to their children.

Seeking Legal Assistance

Family law cases in Illinois are often complicated and stressful. Hiring an experienced legal team ensures that you have all of the information you need to make the right decisions for your family and your future. Having the right representatives on your side also provides you the support and guidance you need to deal with your legal matter as quickly and efficiently as possible.

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